Ling Ling Chang grew up in the district she represents and is a product of the local public schools. She was elected to the State Senate in June 2018, and is the only Asian-American female in the California Legislature.

Ling Ling began her career as a project manager for a health information systems firm and President of the Youth Science Center, a non-profit promoting STEM education. In 2005, she was elected to the Walnut Valley Water District. Shortly after, she served as a Councilmember and Mayor of Diamond Bar.

In 2014, Ling Ling was elected to the State Assembly, where she had five bills signed into law within her first seven months in office. During her tenure, she championed STEM education and innovation, passing the nation’s first law allowing state employees to use sharing-economy services to save taxpayer dollars. For her achievements, Ling Ling was named “Tech Champion” by the Computing Technology Industry Association.

Senator Chang works to assist constituent with EDD application.

As a State Senator for the 29th District, Ling Ling has had many bills passed by both houses, including one passing unanimously. She has also had several bills signed into law, and serves on five committees for the 2019-20 legislative session:

  • Banking and Financial Institutions, Vice Chair
  • Business, Professions and Economic Development, Vice Chair
  • Education
  • Energy, Utilities and Communications
  • Governmental Organization

Ling Ling has broad experience in public service and non-profit leadership supported by a background in private sector innovation. Dedicated to her community, she has served on numerous boards, including the Millennial Action Project Board, the U.S. Army Los Angeles Advisory Board, and Cal Poly Pomona’s Partners-in-Education Board.

Ling Ling proudly attended the University of California, Riverside.

Ling Ling and her husband Andrew currently reside in the City of Diamond Bar with their two dogs, Buster and Pepper.