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Fullerton Observer: Town Hall With Chief Medical Officer Of St. Jude Hospital

Date: May 1, 2019
By: Jane Rands
Source: Fullerton Observer

Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease at UCI School of Medicine Saahir Khan, MD, and Gastroenterologist and Chief Medical Officer for St. Jude Hospital in Fullerton Dr. Sajen Matthews, participated in a COVID-19 town hall call hosted by State Senator Ling Ling Chang on April 29. Each answered constituents’ questions read by Senator Chang.

Dr. Kahn explained that hospitals were able to handle the number of patients at or near the peak without being overwhelmed or needing to make any difficult triaging decisions.

Some hospital staff across the county have tested positive despite wearing eye protection and surgical masks or N95 masks while performing high-risk procedures with infected patients. They believe the infections were contracted from the community or from other staff. More strict social distancing, temperature checks, and universal mask-wearing throughout the hospital are the rule now.

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