On The Issues

Senator Chang’s COVID 19 Response

Audit Nursing Homes On COVID-19

Senator Chang made an official state audit request that would determine if key state departments have fulfilled their roles and responsibilities for the safe operation of Nursing Home Facilities as well as what changes or support the state might need to fulfill the safe operation of SNFs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Protect Nursing Homes From COVID-19 And Other Infectious Diseases

Ling voted to prohibit nursing homes from stopping ombudsman accessing patients and to dedicate full-time infection preventionists to protect nursing home residents

Source: AB 2644

PPE For Nursing Homes

Ling voted to require the Department of Public Health and the Office of Emergency Services to establish a personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpile, and require certain hospitals and nursing homes to maintain an inventory of PPE to protect residents.

Helped enact bipartisan emergency legislation to improve the state’s health care response and protect the most vulnerable.

Worked across party lines to pass emergency legislation to fight COVID-19.

The emergency legislative package provided $500 million to help California fight COVID-19 and authorizes increases up to $1 billion. The measure:

  • Increased hospital bed capacity and included funding to purchase medical equipment to combat the coming surge in COVID-19 patients;
  • Protected hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities most vulnerable to COVID-19 spread;
  • Provided lifesaving services to Californians isolating at home;
  • Supported local government to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in homeless populations and provide safe beds for people experiencing homelessness; and
  • Provided funding to clean childcare facilities that remain open.

Source: SB 89 by the Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review – Budget Act of 2019. SB 117 by the Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review.

Distributed tens of thousands of FDA approved surgical grade face masks to senior homes, frontline workers, businesses, nonprofits. Personally delivered to West Covina Senior Home, West Anaheim Extended Care Center, and La Habra. Also gave out thousands of senior wellness kits in all counties (hand sanitizers, face masks, senior resources). Helped Rotary make over 70,000 face shields for healthcare workers

Paid Family Leave

Senator Chang immediately authored legislation authorizing Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefits to help parents are not available to all parents who needed to stay home to care for a child whose school has closed due to COVID-19.

SB 943 would expand Paid Family Leave to parents impacted by school closures and fill gaps in coverage left by the temporary federal programs.

Organized a drive to collect essentials to help seniors who were homebound by the COVID 19 stay at home order. By collecting pasta, pantry items, canned goods, bottled water, paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizers and basic cleaning supplies, Senator Chang helped some seniors avoid shopping trips that may have put them in harm’s way.

Organized a diaper drive with HomeAid Essentials and First 5 OC.

Hosted 7 COVID Teleconference Town Halls

With speakers from everywhere, including the Orange County Sheriff, OC District Attorney, State Superintendent Tony Thurmond, Public Health Officials, mental health experts, and hospitals.

Helped Constituents Receive EDD Benefits And Pushed The State To Fix Its Inability To Process Unemployment Benefits For This Who Need Help

Helped thousands of constituents receive unemployment benefits, helped with DMV problems and signed seniors up for Meals on Wheels.

Pushed the administration to fix problems that caused delays in people getting the EDD benefits due to them.

For more information please review Senator Chang's letter to the EDD.

Advocated For OC Medical Supplies

Advocated for medical supplies for OC hospitals and medical teams. Because of a bipartisan effort from OC legislators, over 33,000 masks were subsequently delivered to Orange County Medical Providers and first responders.

Adding Nurses To The System

Submitted letter to Department of Consumer Affairs and Governor to help get more nurses onto the frontlines.

More Than 8 Grocery And Bread Distributions

Senator Chang and her team have distributed more than 60,000 POUNDS of bread and hosted several drive-thru grocery distributions. Each bread donation event included donating upwards of 20 pallets of bread, in each instance benefiting more than 30 local nonprofits. We have also volunteered at the Pathways of Hope, assemble boxes at the OC Food Bank, and pass out food at multiple pantries, include Catholic Charities.

Helping Small Businesses Stay Afloat

Pushed information out to local businesses on free consultations for businesses to apply for aid and support in crisis. Informed small business owners on how to get emergency loans and educated those who had problems paying their mortgages, student loans, credit card bills and rent. Fought for fairness and reasonable legal standards which would benefit consumers, employees, and small businesses.

Fighting Price Gouging

Fought price gouging for essential cleaning, medical supplies and food. Also, asked Congress to investigate national cases of price gouging.

Prevent Evictions/Protect Small Businesses And Their Jobs

Submitted letter to Governor asking for eviction moratorium for small businesses and nonprofits.

Provide Child Care For Essential Personnel

Lobbied the Governor to provide childcare for doctors, nurses, and other essential medical personnel.

Participated In Meal Distributions With Schools

Many families depend on their schools for two meals/day for their children. I was honored to personally hand out meals to those families in partnership with the districts.

Participated In Backpack Donations With Two Nonprofits

Although most students are currently participating in an online-learning format, they still need school supplies, etc.

Provided Essential Information

Maintained and updated an info-packed website and Facebook Page with links and resources to keep people informed on where to find resources to get meals delivered, expand the number of health care providers, improve hygiene, fight the spread of COVID 19, get essential medical supplies to our hospitals and more.

Store Hours For Seniors

Informed constituents on which stores had special hours for seniors and the most vulnerable population.

Credit Problems

Helped constituents understand their options if they could not pay the mortgage, credit card bills, student loans, and protect their credit ratings.

Visited The Emergency Operation Center

Senator Chang joined a briefing with the County of Orange, which coordinates with the 100+ jurisdictions. Staff is currently working with the Red Cross to coordinate Mass Shelter Evacuations to respond to potential wildfires.

COVID Testing

Working with county health officials and healthcare facilities, we’ve connected many constituents who were unable to sign up for testing or otherwise afford testing.

Rebuilding California’s Economy

Senator Chang is leading efforts to save jobs and small businesses in an economy that has been severely damaged by the COVID-19 shutdown.

Helping Small Businesses Survive The COVID-19 Shutdown

Senator Chang helped small businesses stay open by working with them to get Small Business Association loans.

Expediting Retraining Program For Unemployed Workers

The COVID-19 economic shock will reverberate for years as employers adjust to the problems caused by the pandemic. To help people get back to work, Senator Chang believes the state must provide retraining for jobs in industries that have thrived during these challenging times.

Protect Small Businesses From COVID 19 Lawsuits

Protecting businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies, which have been allowed to stay open as essential businesses, from lawsuits related to the coronavirus.

Protecting Existing Jobs

By working to repeal AB 5, Ling will help create new jobs, protect existing ones, promote economic freedom and give millions of Californians the flexibility to create their own schedules, work when and where they want to as well as determine what they work on and how much they earn.

If successful in helping repeal AB 5, Senator Chang will help save one million California jobs and give millions of Californians the flexibility to create their own schedules, determine how many hours they want to work and how much they earn.

Source: Co-authored SB 806.

Saving Jobs

Senator Chang co-authored SB 238 to fix a regulation that killed tens of thousands of jobs and is one of the biggest obstacles for unemployed Californians seeking what little work is available.

Eliminating Disincentives For Telecommuting

Telecommuting during the COVID-19 shutdown helped thousands of workers keep their jobs and helped businesses service their clients and customers.

Senator Chang believes we need to change workplace rules to recognize at-home work locations so workers can remain productive, have more flexible schedules and better protect themselves from COVID-19.

Helping Families Survive

Reducing The High Cost Of Living

Concerned that the economic problems caused by COVID-19 combined with California’s already high cost of living is hurting too many families, Senator Chang is working hard to keep taxes down, make health care more affordable, prevent government from wasting tax dollars, and make college more affordable.

Requiring Equal Pay For Equal Work

Senator Chang supported the “California Fair Pay Act” to ensure women are paid the same as men when doing the same work.

Source: SB 358.

Expanding Family Leave

Ling voted to expand family leave so employees can take time off with pay when a member of their family becomes ill.

Source: AB 908.

She also supported AB 500 which requires schools and community colleges to provide at least six weeks of full paid maternity leave for employees.

Helping Home-Bound Seniors

Senator Chang and staff helped seniors who could not leave their homes sign-up for meals on wheels.

She also organized a drive to collect essentials to help seniors who were home-bound by the COVID 19. By distributing pasta, pantry items, canned goods, bottled water, paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizers and basic cleaning supplies, Senator Chang helped some seniors avoid shopping trips that may have put them in harm’s way.

Giving Renters A Tax Break

Ling co-authored SB 248 to increase the amount of the renter's tax credit and makes it refundable.

Cutting Government Waste

As a city council member, Ling balanced every budget, built a $17 million reserve, increased funding for law enforcement and never raised taxes.

To help stretch city tax dollars, Ling cut her own city council pay and benefits and used her own money on travel to Washington to advocate solutions for 57/60 Freeway interchange congestion. As a State Senator she also refused a pay increase when one was offered to all Senators.

In the State Assembly, she pioneered the use of new technology and services like Uber and Airbnb to save tax dollars and better provide essential services at a lower cost.

Keeping Health Care Costs Down

As a project manager for a health information systems firm, Ling helped train physicians, system administrators, and medical staff at various hospitals across Southern California.

She is now using that experience to help reduce the costs of health care while increasing access.

Ling helped make California the first state to prohibit drug companies from paying other companies not to bring less expensive generic medicines to the market. These anti-competitive practices have cost consumers and taxpayers $3.5 billion a year.

Source: AB 824.

Reducing Tax Bills Of Middle-Class Care Givers

To reduce the tax bill for family members who are caring for a sick loved one, Ling co-authored AB 251, the Middle-Class Family Caregivers Tax Credit Bill.

Making Care More Affordable

To help low and middle-income Californians afford health care coverage, Ling backed SB 65 to establish the Affordable Care Access Plus Program.

Implementing Tax Credits For Senior Health Care

By co-authoring AB 856, Ling worked to reduce senior’s tax bills through tax credits for senior home health care costs not paid by insurance.

Addressing The Homeless Problem

Senator Chang has worked across party lines to lead the fight to end street homelessness, break down barriers to building more housing, and get people the treatment they need.

She is also working hard to protect families from some of the problems created by the large number of homeless.

For example, she opposes the needle giveaways which have led to thousands of needles being discarded in our parks, rivers and neighborhoods and injuries to innocent children.

She has also written legislation to target the theft of packages from porches and residences as well as car break ins. Unfortunately, these crimes often go hand in hand with higher homeless populations.

Helping Homeless Veterans

To get homeless vets, the services they need, Ling authored legislation to provide funding for local services geared to reducing homelessness for veterans and homeless youth.

Getting Homeless Students Into Shelter

By supporting AB 58, Ling strengthened efforts to help homeless students and their families get off the street and into shelter.

Getting Homeless Children Into The Programs They Need

Ling co-authored AB 16 to create and fund programs to help get homeless children off the street and into homes.

Improving Educational Opportunities

As President & CEO of the Youth Science Center, Ling helped strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum in the region.

On the Executive Board of the Cal Poly Pomona-Partners in Education, she advocated for improved teacher training.

Exposing Misuse Of Lottery/Education Dollars

To fight government waste and better fund our schools, Senator Chang successfully called for an audit of the state lottery that exposed misuse of $36 million in tax dollars.

Source: Orange County Register, May 19, 2020.

Strengthening Vocational Training

By backing SB 451, Senator Chang helped enact a new law that requires professional development career and vocational counseling for students pursuing college and career technical education.

Making College More Affordable

Senator Chang co-authored AB 1307, The College Opportunity Act to provide students the opportunity to attend high-quality colleges and universities, who would otherwise not be able to attend. Diversifies the higher education options available under the CalGrant so students attend school where they are most likely to succeed.

Keeping Taxes Down

100% Rated By The California Taxpayers Association

Leading Successful Efforts To Defeat $29 Billion In Tax Increases

Source: SB0 8, SCA 5, SB 16, SBX1 1, SB 591, SBX2-13, SBX2 14, AB 1335, AB 1203, ABX2-18, AB 464.

Protecting Proposition 13

Ling’s good work to protect Prop 13 and keep property taxes down has earned her the endorsement of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Co-Authored The “Affordable Gas For California Families Act”

Ling knows times are tough. That’s why she fought to stop a potential $0.76 per gallon gas tax hike. Senator Chang also opposed the $52 billion gas and car tax hike passed by recalled Senator Newman.

Source: SB 1.

Protecting Neighborhoods From Crime And Drugs

Crippling Drug Dealers And Child Pornographers

Senator Chang worked with law enforcement to create a new law that cripples criminal organizations involved in dealing drugs, human trafficking, and child pornography.

Combating Human Trafficking

Ling’s first action in the Senate was to reinstate funding for anti-human trafficking funds that were stripped out of the budget. Ling also authored SB 35 to reconvene the California Alliance to Combat Trafficking and Slavery (California ACTS) Task Force so law enforcement can more effectively fight human trafficking.

Helping Victims Of Human Trafficking

To successfully provide essential services to victims of human trafficking, she authored SB 991.

Preventing Child Abuse

Ling helped establish child abuse prevention training in state schools for the first time ever.

Source: AB 1058.

Fighting Domestic Violence

Ling worked with Women Escaping a Violent Environment to prevent domestic violence by stopping abusers from using GPS tracking to stalk women.

Source: AB 1407.

Helping Our Veterans

Help Our Veterans Get Good Jobs

To give our veterans a greater opportunity to get a job once they leave the military, Senator Chang co-authored AB 1383 and AB 160.

Ensure Veterans Have Housing

Sadly, tax dollars committed to helping our veterans are too often wasted. That’s why she introduced AB 388 to ensure that funds spent on veterans housing are spent as efficiently and effectively as possible. That way we can help as many veterans as possible.

Waiving Pet Adoption Fees

Senator Chang authored SB 245 to waive public shelter pet adoption fees for veterans and make it easier for them to have companions. This bill was recently signed by the Governor.

Reducing Security Deposits For Veterans

Senator Chang co-authored SB 644 to help those in the military get into housing without paying high security deposits they can’t afford.

Fixing Broken Immigration Laws

Ling Ling Chang’s parents moved from Taiwan to America so they could live the California dream and provide opportunity for their children.

They came to this country legally, worked hard, played by the rules and gave Ling Ling and her siblings the kind of opportunity that only America provides. Ling grew up and attended local schools in our community. She wants to protect the California dream and believes our immigration system is broken and is badly in need of repair.

Fighting Discrimination

By co-authoring a measure to honor the Voting Rights Act, Ling is fighting discrimination in voting.

Demanding Justice For All

Increasing courtroom access to interpreters for those who do not speak English, helps ensure our justice system works for everyone. That’s why Ling backed AB 1002.