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The Sacramento Bee: We Asked California’s Top Minds In Education For Their 2020 Priorities

Date: December 15, 2019
By: Dan Schnur
Source: The Sacramento Bee

“Prioritize effective education funding while ensuring meaningful accountability and state oversight”
Ling Ling Chang – California State Senator (R-Diamond Bar)

Billions of dollars are being spent on California’s education system, yet there’s still a budget crisis. And while the public consistently ranks education as a top priority, the state’s policy fails to reflect that. What we need is to prioritize effective education funding while ensuring meaningful accountability and state oversight.

We can start with making sure my approved request for an audit of the California State Lottery is conducted in a timely manner. Let’s investigate the disparity between record-breaking revenues and the lottery’s contribution to California’s public education system; every dollar wasted by the CA Lotto is another dollar taken away from students and public schools.

If we want to equip children with the tools and resources necessary to succeed, we must demand action. It’s outrageous that California students’ test scores continue to lag far behind, with our low-income fourth graders ranking 48th in the country.

I’ve made it a priority to meet with educators and students in the 29th Senate District, and have seen firsthand how strong accountability, combined with expanded funding and tireless educators, helps close the achievement gap. California can improve its education system - we just need to propel it in the right direction.

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