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World Journal: ACA5

Date: May 21, 2020
By: Ling Ling Chang
Source: World Journal

In 2014, the "SCA 5" proposal died because of too much community opposition. In March this year, the African-American Rep. Shirley Weber, representing San Diego, proposed the more harmful "ACA 5" proposal, calling for the total cancellation of California ’s approval in 1996. Proposal No. 209, this proposal involving many fields such as education and work with "racial priority admission" attracted the attention of the Chinese community again. District 29 California Senator Ling Ling Chang (Ling Ling Chang) was invited on the 21st by the Huazhong University of Science and Technology Southern California Alumni Association and several Chinese organizations to explain the background of the "ACA 5" proposal and what the Chinese community should do to the public.

Lingling Zhang said that the "ACA 5" proposal not only requires schools to give priority to admission based on race, but even employment and government agency contracts must be given a certain percentage in this mode. "It can be said that this is worse than SCA 5." As early as 1996, after the 209 proposal was passed, the school must not consider the applicant's ethnicity in admissions, which caused the school admissions system, especially California public schools, to increase the number of Asian students who value education. The politicians who put forward the ACA 5 proposal believe that ethnic minorities have not received more resources and academic opportunities.

Zhang Lingling pointed out that once the "ACA 5" proposal is passed, the school no longer can only look at the academic results of the applicants, which is very unfair to students with excellent results and hard work. Not only education, but even the future employment environment cannot escape the reference race. She believes that the proposal should not be put on the ballot.

She also suggested that people who opposed the "ACA 5" proposal should contact the members of the constituency as soon as possible, write letters, write emails, and call to express their demands. Because the proposal has now passed the committee vote, once the California parliament vote, the proposal will appear on the ballot in November this year.

Some people are worried that, with the California Democrat Party now accounting for an absolute majority in both the Senate and the Congress, the proposal is likely to appear on the November ballot, and it is likely to be passed. If it is passed, the impact will immediately appear , Especially education issues, will be reflected in the admission next year.

Golden Orange Public Welfare Foundation representative Tony Pan also added that politicians took advantage of everyone's attention to the epidemic and proposed the "ACA 5" proposal, which was a comeback with a different name and was more violent than the "SCA 5" proposal. When the "SCA 5" proposal was proposed in 2014, the Golden Orange Club and many Chinese people expressed their opposition. They came to understand the benefits and interests along the way. At that time, they mainly focused on the education field, but this time they expanded to government contracts and work fields. The level is almost all Chinese, very bad.

Tony said he hopes that more people will understand the background of the proposal, which will have a profound impact on the education of Chinese children and future employment. The more opposition, the more pressure can be placed on politicians to speak on behalf of the voters. At present, the Chinese-American community has initiated online signing against the "ACA 5" proposal at the URL:

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